Windows + doors from HBI. Always a bright spot.

Solutions for accessible living

Accessible living for unlimited comfort with HBI

HBI’s intelligent window solutions and zero-threshold doors provide limitless accessibility and a better quality of life for every occupant, regardless of age or needs.

Take comfort up a step with stepless HBI doors

HBI supplies accessible thresholds for glazed doors and front doors so you can conveniently connect your house to the outdoors without any steps. And that benefits everyone, even those without physical disabilities.

Window handles in easy reach

Unlike conventional windows, HBI comfort windows have their handles located on the lower sash. They feature an automatic control system in addition to the standard mechanical hardware so wheelchair users can effortlessly and comfortably tilt and open windows while sitting without excessive exertion. Wheelchair users and elderly people can open and close HBI windows with ease thanks to the user-friendly placement of the handles.

Electronic HBI drives for more independence

Thanks to their electronic drives, HBI windows, doors and blinds can be conveniently controlled with the push of a button or by remote control, pre-set schedule, smartphone or tablet. There’s no need to leave your armchair or bed to open or close your windows if you want to air out the room. This is automation that improves your quality of life and adds a measure of independence for everyone. HBI supplies a wide range of solutions for accessible living that help you in small, but important ways to enjoy your home as much as possible.

Product information


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