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Sound of silence: sound-insulating windows and doors from HBI

HBI sound-insulating windows can protect your ears and peace of mind in today’s increasingly noisy world. Especially if you live in a built-up area, next to a busy street or near an airport. With HBI's sound-insulating windows, you can finally rest, relax and recharge in your own oasis of tranquility without noise pollution.

Double weatherstripping for unparalleled protection

All HBI windows and front doors come standard with at least two layers of weatherstripping. Not only does this reduce noise considerably, it also provides a lasting, durable seal that keeps out cold, humidity and drafts.

Clever HBI technology for a good night’s sleep

Peace and quiet are indispensable for physical and mental health. Being constantly subjected to environmental noise can increase stress hormone levels and permanently damage body organs. The sound-insulating glass in HBI acoustic windows safely blocks day-to-day environmental noise so you can sleep well and savor the quiet moments of the day.

Superior in all sound protection classes: HBI

HBI sound-insulating windows come in multiple versions, styles, materials and VDI sound protection classes, depending on your own personal need for quiet. For example, our HBI.Silence wooden windows provide acoustic insulation up to VDI Sound Protection Class 4, while our HBI.SILENCE vinyl windows go up to VDI Sound Protection Class 5. HBI sound-insulating windows and doors will transform your home into a sight for sore eyes – and ears!

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