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Solutions for energy-efficient living

Energy-efficient HBI windows – clear advantages for energy savers

HBI's energy-saving windows can cut up to 35 % from your home's energy consumption. Invest in HBI´s energy-saving windows and save twice: They meet the most advanced technological standards, lower energy costs and increase the value of your property.

High energy gains, low heat losses

The small frame profiles of HBI's energy-efficient windows do more than just look elegant. They also capture more of the sun's free energy, increasing your solar energy gains.

Conserve heating energy with triple glazing

HBI's energy-saving triple-glazed windows feature highly insulating low-e glass that prevents very little heat from escaping the room. A tip from our HBI expert: Modern glazing usually has a lower U value than the frame so the glass portion of the window should be as large as possible.

Lowers heating costs and reduces condensation

HBI optionally offers low-e glass with a “warm edge seal”, a special vinyl spacer. It costs little more than an aluminum spacer, but offers around 10 % more energy savings. A warm edge seal reduces thermal bridges and condensation where glass and window frame meet.

Product information


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