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Solutions for secure homes

HBI security windows: bright ideas for shadowy figures

With forced entry-resistant windows and doors from HBI, you can rest assured that your home is safe from burglars and thieves. HBI’s forced entry-resistant windows keep out unwanted visitors and protect everything that matters to you.

Burglaries are on the rise. But so is the security of HBI windows

A German home is burgled every nine and a half minutes, according to crime statistics (Source: Crime Statistics for 2021). Besides the obvious loss of property, thefts or burglaries do even more damage: they violate our privacy and severely diminish our sense of safety. Luckily, crime statistics also show that innovative security technology is stopping more and more burglars.

HBI windows: system security comes standard

Windows and doors are the most vulnerable spots in a home. Usually, burglars will simply pry them open to access your home. HBI’s forced entry-resistant windows offer superior anti-burglary protection. Even our basic windows feature mushroom cams that lock into striker plates around the entire window perimeter. An anti-theft striker plate placed in the lower section of the window sash provides robust forced entry resistance.

Anti-burglary protection, done your way

HBI provides superior break-in resistance with proven security hardware on all its windows and doors. In addition, you can choose from a multitude of features tailored to your personal security requirements, from alarm glass and laminated glass to HBI.RELAX 1000 and HBI.RELAX 2000 security hardware. In addition, RC 2-tested elements from HBI meet the stringent security standards set out in DIN EN 1627. That’s just one reason why the police recommend HBI’s burglar-resistant windows and doors. Whatever you choose, HBI products always come with bright ideas for shadowy figures.