Windows + doors from HBI. Always a bright spot.

Solutions for light-flooded rooms

Shining example of home comfort: HBI french doors

French doors from HBI let more sun and light into your home, transforming your living spaces into oases of light with sun-drenched nooks, light accents and perfectly illuminated places for reading, working and living. At the same time, HBI french doors reduce your electricity consumption since you need much less artificial light during the day. And that improves your home's energy performance.

HBI french doors for more light, heat and stability

Thanks to their large window areas, HBI french doors combine effective energy savings with visual beauty and maximum use of daylight. The frames are stable enough for almost any size or personalized design, from floor-to-ceiling windows to generous patio doors. Furthermore, the glass in HBI's french doors combines superior light transmittance with natural color neutrality. This blurs the lines between inside and outside, making your home feel brighter and more expansive.

Better energy performance and a better mood

No matter which direction your home faces – with HBI’s floor-to-ceiling windows, you will make the best use of light every second of the day. You’ll spend less money lighting your home and more time just enjoying it. After all, daylight uplifts your mood and gives you energy.

Heavenly views in every direction

If your HBI french doors are facing south, you can use them as passive solar collectors and boost your solar energy gains. If they face east, you can soak in the glorious morning sun as you sip your first coffee of the day. North-facing windows let a surprising amount of light into your home, west-facing windows will treat you to awe-inspiring sunsets – and at night, you'll gaze up at the stars in every direction, all thanks to HBI.

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