Windows + doors from HBI. Always a bright spot.

Elegant wooden front doors with veneer door leaves

Turn to HBI for inimitable, one-of-a-kind front doors with vibrant, ultra-natural surfaces made out of real wood. The distinctive door leaves are covered with carefully selected oak and larch veneers.

A single tree can yield up to several thousand square meters of veneer, making it a highly resource-efficient, sustainable method. Tree growth, wood type and trunk diameter determine how the thin sheets of veneer are shaved off and then processed.

These high-quality surfaces come in a wide variety of styles, from conventional woodgrain to rustic with branches. Every veneer is unique due to natural variations in tree growth and woodgrain. And that turns HBI front doors with veneer door leaves into one-of-a-kind house entrances with uniquely elegant looks.


Custom corner solutions for lift and slide doors

HBI’s lift and slide doors open up a whole new world of design possibilities along with unparalleled operating convenience, accessibility and styling. We also develop highly customized corner solutions that essentially dissolve the boundary between indoors and outdoors while sealing tightly when closed.

Delicate corner windows

Corner windows are a bright spot in any modern facade: The glass panes are firmly and framelessly connected at a 90° angle to provide a virtually uninterrupted panorama of the outdoors. This high-quality solution adds unparalleled lightness and transparency, particularly with floor-to-ceiling glazing.

The window itself looks delicate but is quite challenging to design: It demands compliance with building code requirements, building physics principles and energy efficiency standards. That is why corner windows are carefully designed and custom-built with local HBI partners.

Front and side entrance doors
with matching designs

With side entrance doors, functionality is king – but design is queen. That’s why, at HBI, you can design a side entrance door to match your front door. Even custom designs styled on sectional doors are possible. Thanks to HBI, you can craft a consistent look that is versatile enough to go with any architecture.

Wooden front doors
with flush-closing leaf

HBI has a special treat for you: a wooden front door whose design elements – leaf, inlays and door light frame – are all flush with one another. This produces a clean, minimalist look and provides a perfectly flat, easy-to-clean surface. Who says that diversity can’t be practical?

XXL-sized lift
and slide doors

Go big on stability and design flexibility. HBI lift and slide doors come in various sizes and opening styles. With their stable construction, carbon-reinforced profiles and specially developed operating mechanism, these smooth-gliding doors can be installed in XXL sizes – from multipiece systems to ceiling-height elements. Heights for HBI’s wooden lift and slide doors go up to 2.70 m. Now that’s size with style!

Vinyl windows with an
exterior aluminum shell

Let your imagination run wild! With powder-coated exterior shells in any imaginable color, your HBI vinyl windows will be as distinctive as your design. Not only do HBI vinyl windows with exterior aluminum shells come in every RAL hue, but they also feature one-of-a-kind fine textured coatings. How lovely!

Dutch doors

Go Dutch with HBI. Mainstays of homes in many regions, Dutch doors are experiencing a well-deserved renaissance in modern architecture. The upper half of HBI’s Dutch door opens easily to let in fresh air or chat with your neighbor. The lower half stays shut. HBI even offers this classic side entrance door with an outward swinging door leaf.

Noble Royce doors with
copper design door leaf

Exclusive copper plates adorn the exteriors of the Noble Royce special models: Handcrafted and with a great deal of know-how, manually processed copper plates are joined to HBI front doors made of wood or aluminium.

The high weathering and corrosion resistance of the copper surfaces distinguishes Noble Royce front doors just as much as the individual door design: This is how custom-made unique pieces are created, which are designed down to the last detail according to the customer‘s wishes.

Vinyl windows
with a wood look

Wood look outside, high-tech inside. With a wood look combination, HBI’s vinyl windows look deceptively like traditional wooden windows, at least on the outside. The corners of the extruded vinyl profiles are not welded together, but rather cleverly assembled using a special process. This approach, when combined with an imitation wood grain film, renders vinyl windows almost identical in appearance to wooden windows.

Front doors in XXL sizes

At HBI, ceiling-height front doors don’t just come in aluminum; they come in wood, too. Carefully selected wood species such as meranti, pine, larch, oak or modified pine provide tremendous profile stability with particularly heavy timber grades. As a result, HBI can guarantee exceptional stability and durability, even for doors over 2.40 m high. The U-channel door lock provides added strength for the door leaf. This quality is hard to beat – and even harder to imitate.

Wooden front doors
with decorative grating

Worth a second or even third look: HBI’s H 401 DS, H 402 ZL, H 408 DS and H 415 GF models. The exterior decorative cast iron grating is sure to catch your eye, while the interior window will bring fresh air into your home – and your front door design.

Interior recessed handle

Stripped down to the essentials: perfection. With an interior recessed handle and attachment panels on both sides, our A 362 model eliminates all unnecessary design elements. All that remains is sublime beauty.

Fine textured coatings
for aluminum front doors

Finea and Silvea special fine textured colors offer entirely different gloss levels and surface finishes. The Finea surfaces are extremely tough, scratch-proof and impact-resistant. For low maintenance and exceptional durability. Embedded metallic particles and rich pigmentation lend an exquisite elegance to this even, fine-grained surface texture. Silvea surfaces are matte, but intensely vibrant nonetheless. Thanks to vivid pigments and metallic microparticles, light reflects off the smooth, low-maintenance surface, subtly refracting into gleaming points. At HBI, even paint is a design highlight.

Integrated front door handles

Form and function in perfect unity: the integrated handles add a final, exquisite touch to the clean design of HBI front doors. What’s more, the door is easier to open and close since the handle and locking cylinder are farther apart.

Optional inside views
for aluminum front doors

With HBI, you can design the interior side of your door almost any way you want. Simply select your dream combination. The latest trend: premium aluminum front doors with flush attachment panels on both sides to cover the door leaf and weatherstripping. However, the interior side of the door can also feature a warm wood look that blends in with your indoor décor. Either way, you are sure to get a high-quality front door solution that’s easy on the eyes – and wallet.

Attachment panels for
aluminum front doors

A solid style. In this flush design, HBI elegantly covers the door leaf and weatherstripping. Innovative technology comes into play: the interior and exterior attachment panels are glued on with a special aerospace-grade adhesive. From the outside, your front door gives the appearance of a solid metal door leaf. A double insulation core improves the door’s R-value. Thicker safety glass can be incorporated with ease. For consistency, you can extend this look to the interior side as well. Then, your front door will appear to be made from a single block – solid, rugged and seamless.

Integral profile for
wood/aluminum windows

Pure light and design. With HBI’s integral profile for wood/aluminum windows, you can give your home a clean, contemporary look. Simply cover the entire exterior of the window frame with insulation, leaving only the glazing exposed to view.