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New technology for old beauties – wooden historic replication windows from HBI

With HBI’s wooden historic replication windows, you can renovate beautiful, but dilapidated windows and doors in historic style. Our replications are faithful to every detail and incorporate state-of-the-art technology. Enjoy the best of both worlds: preserve the fabric of your historic home and enjoy all benefits of modern windows and doors. Restore your home with the very best in German craftsmanship.

Loving attention to details and a deep sense of beauty

For HBI, historic buildings are more than just examples of architectural styles such as Baroque, Neoclassical, Renaissance or Art Nouveau. They are our cultural patrimony. A historic building physically embodies style and tradition, so we pay close attention to its unique architectural features and apply all our skill and craftsmanship to the rehabilitation. HBI takes special pride in preserving yesterday’s treasures for tomorrow’s generations – even when the law doesn’t require it.

Form and function come together in HBI’s historic window replications

HBI has developed a special profile for wooden replication windows that faithfully reflect the style of the original windows and doors. It can provide the narrow sightlines required to construct arches, basket arch windows or segmental arch windows that are visually indistinguishable from the historic originals. HBI can meet or exceed the strict regulations governing the restoration of historic buildings. Even if your house is from a bygone era, your windows and doors don't have to be. Find out how well a historic exterior can go together with a state-of-the-art interior!


Download Sortimentsübersicht der HBI Fenster und Fenstertüren als PDF-Datei Windows and doors brochure (7,5 MB)